Telephone System Interconnect in West Covina, CA

We here at The Phone Guy bring you over 27 years telecom experience along with excellent customer service. If you need a new phone system, are moving to a new location, or are simply adding more voice or data lines, The Phone Guy is here for you and your business needs.

Each task that you have is extremely important, which is why having the proper tools to setting up office phone systems or paging systems is important. Tools can include those for lashing wires, conduit rodders, and other hardware related to fiber-optics. Being able to connect all around the office is especially important for those running a business. A faulty connection could potentially lose a client. That’s why our clients come to us for our office network cabling and telephone system repairs.

For more information on all of our telephone systems, contact The Phone Guy in West Covina, CA today! Call us with your questions and a real person will answer the phone.

Why Choose Us

  • With 38 years in the Industry dedicated to customer satisfaction you know you job was done right.
  • Wide Selection of Quality Services including Business Communication Systems Hosted VOIP and S.I.P. Trunking and Hosted PBX
  • Single owner operator since 1996 Trained by AT&T certified employees.